Trianon Launches Scholarship For School Age Students

One of the prime objectives of Trianon is to introduce and support young players and singers in their musical education and offer the experience of joining our symphony orchestra or choir to perform a wide variety of music at some cracking venues. For many years Trianon has operated a bursary scheme that offers financial awards to help members of any age with the costs of their musical education (full-time or short courses). To complement that scheme, we are now proud to launch our scholarships for school age students. These scholarships will support any school age student by funding their annual Trianon membership fee and allow them to participate in the full range of concert events. These scholarships are available to our existing members of school age, and we look forward to greeting new members who wish to be part of the ‘Trianon Experience’.

For more information contact either our choir or orchestra secretaries by emailing –