Trianon’s Values

Value Statement

Statement of Intent

Trianon Music Group exists to bring the joy of making, experiencing and hearing music to our members and to our audiences. In doing so:

· We wish to treat everyone fairly. This includes our members, Friends, visiting musicians and audiences.

· We will actively oppose discrimination in any form. This applies particularly to those protected characteristics as defined in the Equality Act 2010 – age, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, marriage and Civil Partnerships, pregnancy and maternity.

· We will make our offer open to those who might be excluded by financial considerations

We believe that such values, when upheld, will enrich the group. They will improve the quality of the group’s management, the range and quality of our artistic output, and our relationship with our audiences, members and Friends. Objectives In pursuit of adopting these values, we will:

· Review our processes and challenge ourselves to make changes where identified

· Ensure full access at all our venues for both performers and audience members

· Ensure that people know that any special needs will be met

· Seek to actively recruit from across the whole of the local community · Endeavour to keep ticket prices and subscriptions affordable

· Programme work by composers who tend to be marginalised, or whose work is not within the traditional repertoire

· Target our publicity at places where people with protected characteristics might gather (eg BAME social and support centres, young peoples’ organisations)

Next Steps

We will create an action plan to meet these objectives, and set a date for review.

Approved by TMG Management Committee on 8th March 2019 Date of next review: March 2021