Information for new choir members

We are delighted to welcome you to Trianon Music Group and hope that you will enjoy singing with us.

As well as the three major concerts each year that Trianon performs, there are a whole host of other music related activities in which you will, of course, be very welcome to participate. Details of these are included in Trianon News which is posted out to members three times a year with the rehearsal schedule and commitment slip before each concert. Information is also given out at rehearsals and will be available on our Web Site: We’re on Facebook and please also follow us on Twitter @MusicTrianon.

Rehearsals – begin at 7.15pm and end at 9.45pm unless advised otherwise. A short refreshment break is taken during each rehearsal, providing an opportunity for social interaction as well as buying concert tickets.

Tickets. We produce good quality Concert Publicity and promotion materials in the form of posters and handbills – you are encouraged to circulate these in your local area. You can strongly influence our audience numbers by personally inviting friends, colleagues and family members to support our concerts.

Attendance – please check your availability for rehearsals and indicate absences as soon as possible on the Registers, which are on display at every rehearsal. Sectional rehearsals are planned for most major works, so regular attendance is really important.

Voice – most performers know their own range and wish to sing in the part in which they feel most comfortable. Many works, however, require division and you may be asked to switch to, say, the 2nd Voice – this is important for the overall sound. Section Leaders try to assist the Musical Director to achieve the correct balance for the pieces chosen so we would value your flexibility and co-operation in this process.

Music – for most concerts, music can either be hired or purchased. Please only use soft pencils (at least a 2B lead) to mark copies; these to be rubbed out before handing back to the Librarian – never mark in ink!!! Take care of your music you borrow – we would need to ask you to replace any lost music.

Subscriptions – please see Subscriptions

New members form – here is a form for new members to complete

Bursary Scheme – Trianon is very proud of its almost unique aim to encourage young persons in particular through a bursary scheme, which assists in their musical education. You are invited to introduce young people and other interested friends and colleagues to join us in exciting musical ventures.

Scholarship For School Age Students – To complement the bursary scheme, we have launched our scholarships for school age students. These scholarships will support any school age student by funding their annual Trianon membership fee and allow them to participate in the full range of concert events. These scholarships are available to our existing members of school age, and we look forward to greeting new members who wish to be part of the ‘Trianon Experience’.


Artistic Director and Conductor
Chris Green

Simon Fisher

Choir Secretary
John Barratt

Choir Librarian
Bev Ruddock

Section Leaders
Soprano Sheila Stannard
Alto Beverley Ruddock
Tenor Barry Hall
Bass David Ruddock

Choir Representatives
Gill Williams (alto) and Gordon Hughes (bass)

Useful resources for singers – help with learning your SATB singing part – CD, MP3 containing played SATB part and practice score available – online SATB resources – CD containing SATB part sung rather than played