Buy-a-Bar – a lasting memory of 60 Years

This year Trianon Music Group has commissioned five new pieces of music to celebrate our Diamond Jubilee.


Andrew Burke – A Cluster of Diamonds
Stephen Hoggar – Somewhere over the Rainbow


Ronald Corp – Jubilant Song!


Carl Davis – Birthday – Jubilee Fanfares

Matthew Curtis – A Diamond Overture

In order to include as many people as possible in this commemorative adventure, we are launching a
‘Buy-a-Bar’ scheme.

Anyone can contribute to this venture and your name will be recorded in the list of supporters. If you
would prefer to remain anonymous, simply leave blank spaces on the donation form below.
Each single bar costs £5 and can be bought in as many multiples as you please!
We hope you will join us in this exciting project,

If you would like to contribute to these timeless commissions you can download the form here