Buskers to raise money for school play equipment

Buskers at the Trianon Ipswich Prom will raise money for the Bridge School

Pupils from the Bridge School will be moving into their new building in Sprites Lane, Ipswich in September and hard-working supporters of the school have been raising money to make the playground special for them.

Outdoor play equipment will enable pupils to develop motor skills, coordination and social skills and will offer them opportunities to have fun and enjoy being themselves.

Odran Doran, Head of the Bridge School said: “It’s great news that The Bridge School has been chosen to be the beneficiary of the busking session prior to the concert on 12th September.”

Play equipment

“Accessing playground equipment is beneficial in many ways. Equipment such as trikes, balls and climbing equipment, develop co-ordination and encourage movement which benefits the cardio-vascular system. Equipment that motivates children to explore; tunnels to crawl through, mirrors and musical toys that mean you have to stand up to access them and different textures and terrains to stand help develop balance. Toys that are fun and exciting in varying sizes and at varying heights encourage children to explore and play through movement which in turn develops gross motor skills, balance and general mobility.”- Leigh Fagan Physiotherapist

Pre-concert busking will be taking place from 6.40pm at The Trianon Ipswich Prom and money raised from this will be used to support the Bridge School playground appeal.

There is more information about the playground appeal at the Friends of the Bridge School website

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