Finding Your Way Around the Musical Page

A series of 5 free sessions of 40 minute Zoom workshops.

Chris has planned and is running a series of 5 weekly Music Theory workshops for The Anglia Singers beginning on February 17th. *This is now fully booked*.

All members of Trianon are invited to take part if they wish. However there is a limit on numbers so places are allocated on a first-come-first-served.

Due to substantial interest the course will be repeated from Thursday 22 April for 5 consecutive weeks on Zoom at 8pm. This series will be mainly for Trianon members, so please register for a place now because because places are filling up fast. Please email to book your place.

These workshops are intended for beginners to music theory and also those who want to refresh their knowledge. The purpose is to enable singers to find their way around the musical page and give them a better understanding of the language of music. Each workshop will cover two topics.

These sessions are completely free, but are subject to both minimum and maximum numbers.
Please pre-register to make sure that you get a place! (see details below).

Series Schedule

Week 1 – 17 February 21

Beats and Time signatures
Tempo markings – those wretched “foreign” words and repeat signs

Week 2 – 24 February 21

Musical ornaments, dynamics and Expression marks
Key and Key signatures – accidentals

Week 3 – 3 March 21

Major and Minor
Note values and rests

Week 4 – 10 March 21

Leger lines and the stave – and how voice parts are set out
Voice parts

Week 5 – 17 March 21

Marking up the musical score – Phrase markings, breath marks,
The musical page – a cappella

It will be helpful if you can have paper and a pencil ready. If you really wanted to splash out, then
you could invest in a cheap manuscript paper pad or just print off the following page to use for the
first session.

Sheet music template

How to Register and Join the Sessions

To take part in the sessions, you need to pre-register by contacting Mark Smedley (Anglia Singers).
Each week you will be sent a link to join the Zoom session for that week. Log in via the links each
week at about 5.28pm. You will need a laptop, tablet or PC with a camera and speakers.

If you have any query about the series, contact Mark Smedley –
(07790597878) or Peter Brisley – (01245 420969).