A Trumpeting Triumph for Trianon

A Trumpeting Triumph for Trianon

Those of you who tuned into BBC Look East on 11th September must have been in for a big surprise when our own Trianon trumpeter, Kevin Woollard appeared in front of the camera playing for Joan Rich on her 102nd birthday.

Having just walked her 102nd circuit of Allenby Park in Felixstowe, raising money for NHS Charities every step of the way, Joan, a Friend of Trianon and former nurse, clocked up over 35 miles. Kevin watched as she reached the final stretch, walking through guards of honour from Royal Military Police, Goojerat Barracks, Colchester and elders of the Royal Military Police Association for Colchester and the East of England. Lifting his shining trumpet, he signalled that Joan had reached the last post. To the delight of those cheering her on, and a frenzy of local and national media, Kevin’s rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ echoed round the park.

 Joan, now affectionately dubbed ‘Joan of Park’ by the BBC, was delighted. ‘I’ve enjoyed many Trianon concerts in the past, at the Corn Exchange in Ipswich,’ she said. ‘That’s where I worked on a vegetable stall when I was 13-years-old you know. Chris Green and members of the choir and orchestra have always made me very welcome. I’m grateful for that. I never ever expected to have my own concert though! Kevin was wonderful! He made my day.’

Joan’s daughter, Diane Rich added, ‘I’ve grown up with Joan saying that she can’t sing a note and can’t play an instrument. She is in awe of anyone who can. Today Kevin’s playing made Joan’s heart sing, that’s for sure. It was incredibly special for everyone there. There were young children dressed as nurses looking on in awe. I doubt if they’d ever been so close to a genuine trumpet, let alone one in action. And it was a song they knew!’

Special thanks go to Kevin who bravely brought back his trumpet after six months on furlough with as joyful and masterly a flourish as ever.

As this goes to press, Joan’s walk, including gift aid, has raised close to £34,500.00. Donations are still accepted at www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Diane-Rich1.

What next for Joan? She continues to enjoy walking round Allenby Park. Diane thinks she heard her attempting to sing: ‘Climb Every Mountain’ the other day and she whispered, ‘Please no!’

Diane Rich 2020