Photo Archive System - Version 035

2480 pictures available

New in this version (28 April 2018)

The buttons at the bottom of the search results have changed to be :
<< goes back to the first page
< goes back to the previous page
> goes on to the next page
>> goes on to the last page

These now work properly in the editing screen.


When you start, you will see the first page of 12 thumbnail pictures.

Below them, you will see a set of buttons to choose a different page or to go to the next or previous page. As you get to the higher numbers, more pages will appear (if there are any more)

Next to the page buttons is a button to turn on or off the display of picture dates and key words

Click on any of the pictures for a full sized version - each in a new tab.

Feel free to play with this, but you may well find problems with it. I already know about the following problems :-

Searching for dates doesn't do anything as I haven't written that bit yet.

Key word searching won't get you very far as there are very few pictures with key words to identify them. There will be a team working on adding key words and dates. Try Chris and you should see the search working.

If you have logged in, then you can edit the dates and key words for the pictures.

In the Search screen, switch on the key words. Find a picture you want to edit. Click on the date or any of the key words and you will be taken to an editing screen.

Ken Odam
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    Version 035