Login to the Trianon Photograph Archive


Trianon Photo Archive Instructions

The current archive system is still under development. What you see is a prototype - not the finished, more polished version, which will eventually exist for more general consumption.

You get to it from the tmg.org.uk website - click Who are we then Photograph Archive.

This will take you, via a login page, to the Search page, which looks like :-

Version is just the version of the program which is running on the 'live' system.

It shows you the thumbnail versions of the first page of 12 pictures in the archive.

Click on a picture to get a full sized version in a new tab

The Next and Previous buttons take you to the next or previous page. The number buttons take you to the specific page. At the time of writing, there were 1994 pictures.

If you put key words in the Key words box (Date doesn't work yet), then click Search, you will see only pictures which match your search. At present, this doesn't do much as there are very few data entries on which to search - try Mary Odam and it should find at least two pictures. Chris Green will find lots more.

Click Show key words to see the data associated with each picture, eg

If you click on any of the text below a picture, you will get a giant sized picture (for ease of identification) and you can update the data

Update the Date and Key words then click Update. This creates a new version of the index file - the previous versions are kept in case anyone does anything disasterous whild editing!

The date can be in any format - I'll convert it internally into a standard form. The key words should contain as much data as is available - hopefully the location, the concert title, the occasion (eg Chris Green birthday party) and the names of the identifiable people - but probably not if it is a large group.

Previous and Next take you to the previous or next picture in the archive - not, as you would probably expect, the previous or next in the search results. That will be fixed in later versions.

Likewise, Search just takes you back to the initial search page - not to your previous results.

The Image Suggestions for what data should be stored and for improvements to the system would be welcomed by Ken@Odam.org