A thank you from Music in Our Bones

Our nominated charity for all of 2019 is Music in Our Bones who help overcome social  isolation by uniting people in joyful song.

TMG received this lovely letter which we’d like to share with our our members and friends.

Just to say a huge thank you for what was a really uplifting evening full of fun, drama and musical excitement. And isn’t Janet great! She’s the most intelligent and wonderfully humorous compere.

I wanted to let you know straight away that we made a staggering £738 with our collection, quite incredible generosity from your audience.

Wishing you all the very best for your music making in 2019. Long may you thrive! Lovely to see all those young musicians in particular being offered that opportunity, and I can only imagine what Trianon means to people who have sung or played with you throughout your rich 60 year long journey.

Oh and please thank your son Jon, Chris He was a delightful guide, so helpful and clear and encouraging!

With very best wishes, 


Singing and Project Leader

Music In Our Bones